Candiate Profiles

Asher Scaini

Placeholder candidate profile

Program & Year of Study

1B, Nanotechnology Engineering

Top three platform points

- balanced workload over the course of one's degree
- increased academic support to the Waterloo engineering community
- mental health awareness

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

I have been very involved within the Waterloo Engineering community so far, and would love to continue my involvement as a senator. Aside from my Career Fair and Resume Critique director roles within EngSoc, Iā€™m both an academic and EngSoc rep for my class; I communicate between the students and our professors to ensure everyone is happy and on the same page. I am also an Engineering Ambassador and a Nanotechnology Engineering Student Society member. As a result, I believe I can effectively speak to the Waterloo engineering community and the countless leadership and extra-curricular opportunities within it.

Links to any website, social media accounts and/or email address

Instagram: asherscaini