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Avery Akkerman

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Program & Year of Study

4A, Recreation and Sport Business + Therapeutic Recreation

Top three platform points

Clarity: Most students don't know what the Senate does to support them with their academic experience, as Senator I promise to provide clear and open communication on a regular basis that addresses what's being accomplished that will benefit them.

Efficiency: Policies and procedures often take a long time to pass as they impact a large population, my goal is to bring the student perspective to the table that could expedite these decisions so students can succeed efficiently in their academic programs.

Inclusion: In the Faculty of Health we have many programs that act independently from each other and my hope is to help unite them closer together, I promise to advocate and represent all programs needs based on student feedback and personal observations.

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

As someone who's been heavily involved on campus and within the Faculty of Health, I've seen the common issues that students are facing with academic standings, professors, and university-wide experiences. This past year, I served on AHSUM where I sat on various committees that addressed academic policies and advocated for the student body based on discussions that I had with peers and brought them forward which resulted in positive changes to course descriptions and expectations. I’m passionate about doing what's best for others and will fight for your needs, as well as listen to your feedback and relay it to important decision-makers.

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Instagram: @avery_akkerman and @wloounited
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Please feel free to reach out to me or my team if you have any questions or concerns, and we will work with you to address them!

Niah Fiorino

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