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Nick Pfeifle

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Program & Year of Study

5, Nanotechnology Engineering

Top three platform points

1. Governance

For years I have been carefully engaged with governance at the university. I persistently protested the adoption of the new governance mode and its side effects. I strongly believe we should allow refugees to hold positions of power within WUSA, and make it easier for disadvantaged groups to get involved. At current our system allows for abuses of power, confused hierarchies, and rampant workplace maltreatment. WUSA could be a powerful tool to unite students behind a common cause, but at present it only serves to drive a wedge between peers. I make no claim to perfection, but I am confident that by making governance updates driven by the values, ideals, and will of the student body we will better represent the student will. It is high time that WUSA ditches its fear of the student body, and embraces the wisdom of crowds.


Throughout the pandemic, all of us experienced the highs and lows of modern employment. While many of us enjoyed the newfound freedom of WFH placements, it was particularly brutal on frontline workers and junior employees. I was subject to unjust, and exploitative work multiple times in order to meet my co-op requirements. The co-op system remains unfair, and has long needed to be fixed. I will continue to put students and workers first, recognizing the value of their labour, both in the market of today, and the workplace of the future. Student work must be treated as the service it is, rather than seen as a source of free effort. Closing loopholes in provincial legislation would be ideal, but at the bare minimum, we demand internal treatment respective of our abilities, creativity, and innovation.

3. Environment

UWaterloo has an obligation to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the health of our built environment, our ecosystem, and our communities. As your president, I will pursue stronger environmental protections, work to divest from polluting, unstable industries, and educate writ large on collective responsibilities. Each individual may not be able to reverse the damage of private jets, agricultural deforestation, and oil billionaires; but we can shrink the city-sized footprint UW currently has. Housing, transit, chemical and carbon pollutants are all prime candidates for stewardship. While the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, we can get shovels in the ground now.

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

Years of advocacy have pushed me to finally step up to the plate. I’ve dusted myself off and gone to bat for students time and time again. As a Student Senator, environmental advocate, design team captain, and more, I’ve gained an uncontested knowledge of student hardships. Far too often, I have been subjected to those same troubles, but never gave up the fight. From contests with CEE, WUSA, EngSoc and even the Secrecy Act, I am unwavering in my conviction to put public safety and public interest first. And I can eat a head of lettuce faster than you. :)

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Arya Razmjoo

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Program & Year of Study

2B, Legal studies & communication

Top three platform points

1. Transparency: Creating a much more open organization by launching investigations into corporate functions (slow reimbursement, lack of communication, etc.)

2. Accountability: Work to create an in-house HR department so we can gain control over the recruitment and management of our own staff.

3. Community: Strengthen social culture on campus by making the Bombshelter Pub a priority for WUSA and Forcing much more WUSA involvement in orientation.

And much more. Check out the full

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

With the most experienced and diverse team representing more faculties and student voices than any other, I am committed to reforming WUSA into a truly student-centric organization. For too long, Wusa has struggled to represent, deliver and function; this changes right here with your vote. A Waterloo United government, led by me, will have the majority to create the changes we all want to see in our community. Together, we can reshape WUSA for a better, more responsive student experience.

Waterloo United: Your voices, our mission. A united front for concrete change!

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Rafaeel Rehman

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Program & Year of Study

3B, Legal Studies

Top three platform points

Implement more extensive support programs for students who face financial barriers to their education
I aim to support students that are struggling with issues relating to housing and employment.

Address inaccessibility in classes and on campus.
I will advocate for the improvement of existing accessibility services and general improvements to the accessibility of the buildings on campus.

Give more autonomy to students and student organizations.
Many students feel as though their concerns are not being heard, and following the recent changes to the WUSA governance, there have been calls for change. My goal is to lend more power to students by offering more effective avenues for change that prioritize accountability and transparency.

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

I believe that every student at UW has a right to access their education without barriers, and I will advocate tirelessly for the needs of students who often feel unheard. My goals involve addressing struggles that I and so many of us continue to wrestle with. Issues regarding housing and employment seem to only be worsening, as countless students are unknowingly having their rights violated constantly. My own experiences have not only given me a deep appreciation for these issues, but also a personal commitment to address them.

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