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Katie Traynor

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Program & Year of Study

3B, Planning

Top three platform points

Through my strong leadership, communication, and time management skills I am hoping to:
- Community Forums or events in partnership with ESS or the Program Societies to collect information and insights from our ENV community to convey at the Senate in a timely manner.
- Convey Calls to Action from Community Organizations on-campus
- As stipulated in 'Waterloo @100' the University should lead globally, and act locally. As such, through Senate I am hoping to bring attention to ClimateJustice, Sustainability, Food Insecurity, Student Wellness, and Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (through working with community organizations, clubs, and student leaders)

Reason why someone should vote for you in 100 words or less

My main goal is to best represent our students within our faculty - my best skills are communication, time management and my passion for helping others - I will use my skills to efficiently and effectively convey our ENV student's wishes at the senate in whatever discussion is possible in academic programs, educational policies, faculty appointments and tenure, qualifications for degrees and diplomas, conferring honorary degrees and appointing the Chancellor.

Links to any website, social media accounts and/or email address

You can connect with me through:
Instagram: kate.traynor06

My website: